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A foot corn can be very painful and irritating when present underneath or on top of your feet and toes. Foot corns develop from an increase in pressure over a focal area of skin. Increased amounts of friction and pressure can arise from: restrictive and tight footwear, abnormal biomechanics whilst walking, running or standing and there are some genetic conditions that can cause foot corns to appear.

A foot corn generally presents with a thick layer of sin forming over the top of the corn and once that is removed there is an underlying core or nucleus. This nucleus is what cause pain. A corn is generally painful on direct compression but not pain when squeezed between your fingers. There are a number of different treatments for a foot corn. The most simple treatment is to have it removed by a podiatrist. The podiatrist will remove the hard skin and with a point of a scalpel blade will remove the core of the corn. This procedure is relatively painless and takes only a couple of minutes to perform.

Another treatment is to use a substance called salicylic acid which will slowly dissolve the corn over a period of weeks. You can generally get a corn pad with salicylic acid from the chemist. Another treatment that can be considered is a pair of insoles for your shoes. Insoles can be used to offload pressure that is causing your foot corn or alter any biomechanical abnormalities that can cause a foot corn.

Common places for corns and calluses to develop are:

  • The ball of the foot
  • The outside aspect of your little toe
  • The top of the joints in your toes
  • In between the toes
  • Around the heels

Corns and calluses are the body defense mechanism against areas of excessive friction or pressure. Areas of excess pressure and friction can occur due to abnormalities in the foot’s anatomy such as hammer toes and bunions.

At MRA Podiatry and Orthotics we provide a range of treatments to treat corns and calluses.

These Treatments Include:

  • Painless removal corns and callus
  • Orthotic therapy to prevent corns and callus
  • Padding and strapping to reduce biomechanical pressure on the foot

If you have corns and calluses please call for an appointment or book online

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